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Master Wu's I Ching Premium gives you access to all the features of the app.

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What’s included:

7 days risk-free trial
5 in-depth readings per day
3 clarification questions per reading
Readings Journal
Tailored positive affirmations
Tailored guided meditations
Bagua Board

What You Get with I Ching Today Subscription?

Personalized Insights

Receive up to 5 premium I Ching readings every day, tailored to your unique questions and situations.

Clarification Questions

Ask up to 3 additional questions about your reading, and receive insightful answers.

Reading Journal

Keep track of your readings and insights with a personalized journal that captures your journey of discovery.

"As someone new to I Ching, premium readings have been an enlightening experience. The clarity and depth of Master Wu's interpretations are unmatched."

- Anonymous user #1

* lot of our users are anonymous

🎉 Bonus Features for Premium Members 🎉

Weekly Video Affirmations

Enjoy tailored video affirmations, designed to address your life's challenges and help you stay positive and focused.

Guided Meditations

Access audio-guided meditations that address specific areas of importance in your life, promoting inner peace and balance.

BaGua Board Insights

Explore the dominant element in different areas of your life (love, career, health) with BaGua board for deeper understanding.

Privacy and Security

Your personal privacy is our utmost concern.

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  • Your can delete your account at any time and all your readings will be deleted immediatelly.
  • You can ask whatever you like, we don't know who you are. You can be anyone in the world.
  • Even then, you are free to ask I Ching questions in a way that you don't reveal any personal data like names and places.

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Hear what the others say

"The Bagua board is fascinating! It's incredible how it reflects the different aspects of my life."

- Anonymous user #2

"The weekly affirmations are truly transforming my mindset. I've become more positive, focused, and confident."

- Michael T.

"This service offers insights like no other."

- Sarah B

"I've used several self-help apps, but I Ching Today is on another level. The affirmations and meditations have a profound impact."

- Happy Dragon

"The guided meditations are my daily escape. They help me find inner peace and stay focused on my goals.""

- Anonymous user #3

"I started with the free readings and decided to upgrade. The premium subscription is worth every penny. Master Wu's insights have been spot on!"

- Anonymous user #4

"I am still testing the service.. So far, it is really amazing! Will let you know how it goes."

- Raj

""The guided meditations have helped me manage stress and improve my overall well-being. Than you for this transformation."

- Anonymous user #5

"The weekly affirmations are tailored to my life, making them incredibly relatable. I'm so glad I discovered I Ching Today."

- Anonymous user #6

"Master Wu's premium readings have helped me through some of the toughest decisions in my life. I Ching Today is an indispensable companion."

- Jr W

"I Ching Today has become my daily ritual for clarity and guidance. It's like having a pocket sage.""

- Anonymous user #7

  • Free Trial 7 days
  • Full refund +3 days (no question asked)

Unleash the wisdom of the I Ching to transform your life.

Let Master Wu's Premium Readings be your guiding light, a pocket sage in a world filled with uncertainty and questions.